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Agricultural Water Solutions

What is the Cause of Hard Water Problems?

Iron in water is typical in bores & wells

Water is the life blood of any farm so finding the best water solutions available are vital. Do you have hard water problems with salt affected soils or iron in well water? Without a soil test how would you even know that you had such problems? Well the results become obvious over time – growing plants in soils that are irrigated with hard water means the salt in soil stops crops from growing as well as they could!

It may have seemed cost prohibitive in the past to remove salt from water on a large scale but when you install a NLP ‘Aqua Conditioner’ it will allow you to irrigate with substandard water and actually grow crops that will thrive not just survive – and all cost effectively. How? The subtle changes made to the molecular structure of the salts and iron in the water changes the characteristics of the minerals and keeps them in solution which means that rather than building a crusty layer of salt or iron on the ground these minerals are absorbed back into the ground.

The softer wetter water is then more easily absorbed into the ground and the plants, which gives both a healthier environment to grow crops and increases the yield.


  • Salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution so they don’t crust and damage plants and equipment.
  • Irrigate with softer wetter water.
  • Water is absorbed into the ground more easily.
  • Plants will then more easily take up water.
  • Greater feeder roots have been reported.
  • Less water is lost to evaporation as it is absorbed in the ground.
  • Pipe and sprinkler nozzles will be protected from limescale deposits.
  • Aqua Line is a fantastic mixer, so you get a great water fertilizer mix.
  • You won’t need to buy in water, which will save you huge amounts of money.
  • All animals love to drink the softer treated water so they will be healthier.

NLP Aqua Solution conditioned water encourages root growth

Some Agricultural and Farming Applications

  • Plant nurseries
  • Dairies
  • Broad acre farms
  • Orchards
  • Fish farms
  • Piggeries
  • Ponds, lagoons, wells and bores
  • Anywhere you store or run water