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Eliminating Blue Green Algae In Ponds, Dams & Lakes

Blue green algae

Having a covering of blue green algae over your ponds and dams not only looks unsightly it can in fact be dangerous.

  • Livestock will often refuse to drink water that is contaminated with algae blooms as it can sour the water.
  • Children can mistake the green for grass and attempt to walk on the pond. (True!)
  • Algae can suffocate a pond or dam or water way, making it impossible for it to sustain other forms of life.
  • Healthy water storage indicates healthy livestock and plant stock.
  • Toxic algae can poison animals and humans alike.

This makes algae control an important activity on all properties, from large farms to golf course lakes to your backyard fish pond.

What Causes Algae Blooms?

While pond algae is often a natural occurrence it also occurs as a result of agricultural run-off that is loaded with nitrates and phosphates. But the naturally occurring mineral nutrients found in hard water (for example iron) also contributes to algal bloom formation and not surprisingly it’s the treatment of the hardness in water that is having the greatest success.

Blue green algae treatment

Pond algae treatment has often been to resort to an algaecide. Copper sulphate was once very popular but it is also very polluting and toxic with its own deadly consequences. Pond algae eaters have proven to be very effective but also very expensive, especially when you consider that you need to use it repeatedly. Many government bodies are now strongly suggesting that prevention of algal blooms is preferred to algae control.

The Best Pond Maintenance System

A few weeks later- ducks in the dam!

Installing a ‘Aqua Conditioner’ by NLP Aqua Solutions is the eco-friendly, cost effective solution to solve your blue green algae problem. Designed to de-stratify and re-oxygenate the water (without the use of chemicals) it can improve the health of your water faster and better than aeration alone.

Systems can even be designed to be visually pleasing using the ‘Aqua Conditioner’ unit as a fountain or it can be designed to be suspended above the water surface or to sit on the pond or lake floor (maximum 3m deep).

Preventing the formation of blue green algae, or any other algal bloom, is far easier than having to resort to other costly and less effective methods of algae control.

Benefits of Using an ‘Aqua Conditioner’

  • Chemical free solution.
  • Healthy oxygenated water
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Algae Control Applications

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Golf courses
  • Sewage treatment
  • Zoo’s
  • Aquaculture ponds