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The Best Water Solution – But Is It a Water Softener?

Is the best hard water solution a water softener?

The most popular hard water solution is to use a water softener which changes the mineral salts content in the water using beads, resins and salts. For example – Culligan, Raynewater and Ecowater to name only a few.

But is it the best method?

The problem with such water softeners is that they replace some minerals (calcium) with other minerals (such as sodium). Sounds harmless enough, but in the process it produces a very harmful by-product – brine or salt water.

Now with 96.5% of the water on the earth being salt water you wouldn’t expect this to be a problem, but it is. Because salty water is unusable to humans, plants and animals and eventually causes death

As people are becoming more aware of the ecological problems excessive salt causes many countries around the world are actively seeking water softener alternatives. Legislation in 16 US states even have bans on water softeners using technology that uses salt or creates salt in the discharge of their by-products.

What is the Best Water Softener?

According to marketing experts a product must fulfill 3 criteria to be considered the best in the market.

  1. Safe – the product must be safe for the consumer and safe for the environment.
  2. Effective – the product must do what you bought it for – it’s got to work.
  3. Value for Money – the product can’t be priced too low otherwise one of the other criteria will suffer.

Water softeners were a good solution for a short period of time, but now the best hard water solution is not technically a water softener – it’s a water conditioner! An Aqua Conditioner by NLP Aqua Solutions to be exact. Claiming that NLP Aqua Solutions is the best hard water solution is no idle marketing ploy. Let’s measure it against the 3 criteria listed above.

NLP Aqua Solutions Ordinary Water Softeners
SAFE YES – for people & the planet NO – not for people, plants or animals
EFFECTIVE YES – always Yes – but limited
VALUE for MONEY YES – economical to purchase and no ongoing costs or maintenance Maybe – to purchase yes, but ongoing costs & maintenance make them expensive

So the evidence is clear, Aqua conditioner is the best hard water solution (You can compare technical features of all types of water softeners here.)

Aqua Conditioners by NLP Aqua Solutions

The use of water softeners in homes is well known, but anywhere equipment comes into contact with hard water, problems will eventually occur. Right across the board from industry to agriculture – pipes, tubing, pivots, pads and seals get scale buildup, which causes equipment failure and adds billions of hours and dollars to maintenance costs.

The Aqua Conditioners can be used in all circumstances, whether residential or commercial and across all industries.

In fact the Aqua Conditioners require

  • no chemicals,
  • no salts,
  • no magnets,
  • no electricity,
  • no backwashing, and
  • no maintenance!

Not only is your hard water made soft by the Aqua conditioner it will also pull old scale from existing pipework! Scale that has formed over months and years of use dissolves in a few weeks or months, depending on your pipes condition. No ordinary water softener can do that!