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Evaporative Cooling Problems

Typical evaporative air conditioner on the roof. (Notice the red dust)

If you’ve got an evaporative air cooler (also called a swamp cooler) chances are you spend more time and money than you need to getting rid of the limescale that builds up in the cooling system. Let’s look at why that happens and the simple way to fix it once and for all!

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Well basically hot, dry outside air is pulled through water soaked pads. The air temperature drops as the water changes from liquid to vapor, with the cooler air then circulated throughout a room or building by a large blower. Evaporative coolers are great for conditions when the outside air is dry and desert-like, but in areas that have high humidity they don’t make much of a difference to your comfort.

Evaporative cooling problems occur when excessive minerals that cause hardness in the water block the pads with scale in the cooling system. This scale build up can only be removed with lots of time and effort!

Air Conditioner Repair Made Easy

If you are sick and tired of getting up and down the roof to clean scale build up off your evaporative cooling pads then you need to install a Aqua Conditioner “Swampy” unit in the recirculating water line of your air conditioner.

The Best Pond Maintenance System

Lime scale clogging the cooling pads

The most common complaint about evaporative air conditioner maintenance is how frequently you need to clean scale off and how hard it is to clean. With the Aqua Conditioner Swampy unit attached you will find the time between cleaning surprisingly long (for example one client went from cleaning every 10 days to once a year!). There will still be some residual muddy scum, but that is easily rinsed away rather than needing to be chipped off or soaked in acid.

The Swampy is pretty simple for someone handy to install.

  1. Just cut out the corresponding length of pipe,
  2. Just cut out the corresponding length of pipe,
  3. Tighten the hose clamps and the unit is installed!
  4. The water will continually be conditioned each time it is recirculated through the pump, so it actually works better and better over time.

The Aqua conditioner will keep the water cleaner, reduce problems associated with certain types of algae, reduce the scaling problems in your pads and protect your pump from hard water problems which will extend the life of your evaporative air conditioner – saving you a great deal of time and money!

Benefits of Using the Aqua Conditioner

  • Healthier & cleaner recirculating water.
  • Reduce scale build up on your pads, extending the life of your pads.
  • Reduce problems with algae and biofilm.
  • Protect your pump.
  • Drastic reduction of service and maintenance needs.

Common Air Cooler Problems

  • Calcium build up in pads.
  • Dirty water.
  • Algae or Biofilm.
  • Premature equipment failure.