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Hard Water Problems

What is the Cause of Hard Water Problems?

Most of us have probably never realized that there is hard water or even soft water. We just think of water as that stuff that comes out of the tap that we drink and bathe in. Until we experience some problems with our water we rarely give it a second thought, but there are characteristics to water that make is as varied as the colors in a rainbow.

You see in nature water never exists as just pure H2O. There are always other substances dissolved in it that we know as mineral salts. Healthy, balanced water needs to have mineral salts in it to sustain life. However it’s the percentages of those mineral salts that make water either ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Basically, high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, classify water as hard. You can often find a large amount of iron, manganese, sodium and other dissolved compounds such as bicarbonates and sulphates in hard water also.

Characteristics of Hard Water

Having minerals in your water is considered advantageous for your health, but having excessive amounts will have extreme consequences on pipes and equipment that are in constant contact with that hard water.

These minerals deposit on any surface the water comes in contact with and causes calcium (limescale) or iron scale issues which drastically reduce the life of your plumbing, equipment and appliances! So finding a hard water solution that is effective, safe and good value for money is a number one priority!

How Hard Water Causes You Problems

With increased mineral content these hard water problems are common place;

  • Scaling of pipes and associated equipment.
  • Spotting on dishes, shower doors, cars, motorbikes.
  • Soap scum in sinks and bathtubs.
  • Scum rings in bath tubs, swimming pools and spas.
  • Reduced foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents.
  • Dingy and yellowed laundry with soapy residues that require extra rinsing.
  • Increased water heating costs from a build-up of minerals on heating elements in hot water systems, dishwashers, kettles reducing their efficiencies.
  • Possible skin infections from bacteria trapped in pores under soap scum.
  • Possible skin infections from bacteria trapped in pores under soap scum.
  • Runoff from irrigation water.
  • Salt build up in soils.
  • Premature failure of O-rings and box seals in jumbo drilling rigs and other mining equipment.
  • Reduction in problems with high pH water causing blue stains on kitchen, laundry & bathroom fixtures (Blue Water Syndrome).
  • Chalky white powder (calcium) build-up on swimming pool walls.
  • Salt build-up on salt water chlorinators.
  • Iron in drinking water systems.
  • Iron & calcium in bore (well) water.

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