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Taking your water treatment to the Next Level

Need an RV Water Softener?

So…you’ve just spent your hard earned money on a Caravan, RV/Motor home or a Camper Van, your new home away from home…congratulations!

I bet the dealer offered you all sorts of different options but did he talk to you about the hazards of hard water and the very real necessity of hard water protection?

You may have taken the option to install a water filtration system which is great, but that is not going to protect your pipes, water tanks and water heater from being aged prematurely from hard water. The filter system will remove sediment and chlorine from the water; however the minerals remain in suspension and will build up causing appliances and fittings to age quickly, breakdown and even need replacing if you don’t install hard water protection.

  • Pipes – sight unseen problem! They clog up with scale and block water flow.
  • Hot water system and heating element – Scale builds up causing slow heating of water as the scale gets thicker. Eventually making system useless. It’s another sight unseen problem and costly to replace!
  • Stainless steel sink – calcium spotting will cause the sink to age quickly as it will on your pots and pans!
  • Taps in the shower, sink, washing machine and dishwasher – some types of hard water will cause corrosion on these fittings!
  • Shower head – may block up prematurely!
  • Shower screen – ugly spotting on the glass, which is hard to remove!
  • Washing your car and caravan – water marks & spotting that looks ugly!

I hear you telling me you live in a capital city and the water is great… and that’s fine. I can tell you with certainty that as soon as you start traveling around the countryside you will be using water that will cause those problems. It’s only a matter of time!

By installing a “NLP RV” Aqua Conditioner in the water line the above problems will be a thing of the past. It’s like getting a protection policy! If you do see some residual staining on the sink, shower glass, car or van when you wash it you will be able to simply wipe it away!

Other benefits include:

  • The plumbing system will not clog up with scale!
  • Hot water systems and elements will last longer!
  • Showers will remain cleaner and be easily wiped clean!
  • You will be showering in a softer wetter water , getting a better lather using less shampoo, body wash etc. so your hair and skin will feel great!
  • Washing your clothes will be more effective in softer water and your washing machine is being protected from hard water scaling issues!
  • Same benefits for your dishwasher, glasses won’t look cloudy from scale build up and the dishwasher pump and sprays will not clog up!

Don’t Get an RV Water Softener

- Get a “NLP Watersoft” Aqua Conditioner

  • Are simple to install!
  • Requires no maintenance!
  • Will last 20+ years operated under normal conditions!
  • Are chemical and salt free!
  • Will give you peace of mind that your capital investment is protected from those costly hard water problems!