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Hard Water Solutions for Your House or Apartment

It’s easy to overlook the hard water problems you may be experiencing in your home as they often seem to be, well… normal. But just because a problem is common doesn’t mean it’s normal or the way it always has to be.

Have you noticed-

  • itchy skin when you get out of the shower?
  • dry, hard to manage hair?
  • scratchy towels so you use lots of laundry softener?
  • spots on your glassware even when you use a rinse aid in the dishwasher?
  • dirty scum inside your water kettle?
  • cloudy marks on your shower screen no matter how much you clean it?
  • scaly stuff on your shower head?

If you said yes to more than one of these questions then chances are you are experiencing the effects of hard water in your home.

The Common Solution

It has been good practice to install a water softener to combat hard water problems in the home. But are they the best hard water solution?

  1. Water Softeners - Most people are finding there are huge drawbacks using a water softener – bad tasting water, a salty swamp in the yard, extra costs buying salt and running electricity, and monotonous maintenance. Not to mention the ecological dangers that even have a growing number governments banning their use.
  2. Reverse Osmosis Filters - Still other people are finding they get better results when they use reverse osmosis filters, but unfortunately stripping all minerals from water has serious long term health consequences. The huge amount of wasted water created in the production of the ‘pure’ water can be seen as a very costly, irresponsible waste. Once again the waste water is a concentrated, salty solution that causes great environmental damage.

Is There a Safe, Effective, Economical Water Softener Alternative for the Home?

Amazingly the best hard water solution is not a water softener or a filter – it’s a water conditioner. Think we are being pedantic over the use of a word? Well there’s actually a huge difference.

The ‘Aqua Conditioner’ by NLP Aqua Solutions does not add anything to or take anything away from the water. It just reorganizes the chemical bonds of the minerals in the water to make it ‘softer’.

Simple to install, the Aqua Conditioner will give you a softer, more soluable water that not only feels great but will help reduce some of those household expenses, whilst at the same time extending the life of your hot water heater and other appliances. In fact there are -

  • no chemicals,
  • no salts,
  • no magnets,
  • no electricity,
  • no backwashing, and
  • no maintenance!

So this means that NLP Aqua Solutions are safe, effective and economical. Making them the best hard water solutions for your home!


  • Bathroom surfaces will be kept cleaner and therefore will be easier to clean.
  • Reduce your detergent in washing machines and dish washers.
  • Cold water cleans as effectively as hot water, so your washing will be cleaner and softer.
  • You will save money using less detergent and not using hot water, eco friendly!
  • Heating elements in hot water systems, dishwashers and washing machines will be protected against scale build up which will improve their efficiency and save you money!
  • Problems with blue water syndrome or blue green water will be reduced, extending the life of your copper pipes.
  • After you have showered you will notice that your skin and hair will feel softer.
  • Household appliances and piping will be protected against hard water problems.
  • Evaporative air conditioners will work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Your gardens will benefit using less water.
  • Less spotting on your car when you wash it.
  • Scale in your water heater will gradually go away – this will decrease your energy bill!


  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Blue Water Syndrome
  • Bio-film