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Taking your water treatment to the Next Level

Itchy Skin After Shower?

Do you have to use handfuls of bodywash or shampoo and you still don’t get a good lather up? Does your hair feel dry and frizzy even after using lots of hair conditioner? Does your skin feel dry and itchy when you get out of the shower so you have to coat yourself with body cream?

If you answered yes to either question, then you are probably showering in hard water or water that has been softened using a “traditional salt softener”.

How’s that working for you?

There is an easy solution… Installing a NLP Aqua Conditioner on your hand held or fixed shower only takes minutes and the benefits are fantastic!

NLP Aqua Conditioner connected to shower head close to the wall

  • You will have softer, wetter water to shower in!
  • You can use less shampoo, conditioner and body wash
  • Your skin is going to feel great and your skin won’t itch! Why? Because the softer wetter water will wash the shampoo, conditioner and bodywash off your skin, leaving you feeling like a new person!
  • No scaling issues with your showerhead!
  • Glass screens will look cleaner and if there is any recurring spotting it is easily wiped away!
  • Wall and floor tiles feel cleaner and are more easily cleaned – no scrubbing!
  • You won’t have to coat yourself in body cream as your skin will feel great!

NLP Aqua Conditioner connected close to shower head

NLP Aqua Conditioners:

  • Simple to install!
  • Require no maintenance!
  • Will last 20+ years when operated under normal conditions!
  • Are chemical and salt free!
  • Will give you peace of mind that your capital investment is protected from those costly hard water problems!
  • If you move homes take it with you!
  • If you go on holiday take it with you!